"Easy does it now," thought Susie Meyer, local two year old, dining with her family at the Olive Garden. "No need to rush things with the breadsticks." She knew the time for her symphony of chaos would be here soon. But, not yet. Not just yet.

"Sure, a little salad dressing on Daddy's iPhone would cause a minor panic," considered Susie at the arrival of the salad course. "But it's my deft handling of the salad dressing that will put their guard down."

The pasta bolognese provided the only real test of the child's patience. Susie couldn't help the smile creep over her face as she envisioned the bright, red splashes she would unleash. "Surely a worthy medium for my art, but that tightness around Mommy's eyes proves this too obvious a choice."

At press time Mr. and Mrs. Meyer had decided that given Susie's good behavior, she deserved a hot fudge sundae for dessert.

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