The leaders of America's Navy have expressed increasing concern that Trump's recent Naval strategies appear to be inspired by the board game Battleship.

During a recent statement to the press corp, Trump decried North Korea's nuclear intentions and promised swift retaliation for their continued missile testing saying, "These guys aren't gonna know what hit 'em when I send our navy over there. Let me tell you. Especially the Carrier and the Battleship. They won't be able to take those two down because they have the most holes."

When pressed about the possibility of the loss of life for such a maneuver, Trump insisted there would be, "very, very little loss of any life because I have the best strategy. I really do. I always put my boats in a circle which throws them off. Except for the little destroyer. That always goes in the corner."

In a letter to President Trump obtained by Almost Real News, more than 50 Rear Admirals requested that the President, "Seek the council of the military leaders," before any military intervention and to also abide by, "the proper military communications to ensure privacy."

In response Trump tweeted, "E4."

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