Registered Democrat John Williams of Madison, WI, was absolutely baffled Wednesday as to how Trump voters could remain ardent supporters of the President, many of whom also believe the earth and all life was created roughly 5,000 years ago.

"I just can't understand how so many people can ignore his blatant conflicts of interest," said Mr. Williams of the millions of voters who also ignore the science that indicates humanity is altering the earth's climate. "I mean how can they trust this guy's intentions when he lies every time he makes a public statement. These people," referring to the large portion of the electorate who believed that President Obama was born in Kenya, "seem like they are willing to ignore anything that doesn't align with their predetermined beliefs."

"And Russia for goodness sakes! They [meaning people who think that the moon landing, the Sandy Hook Massacre and human evolution are all fake] don't think there is even a chance that something fishy is going on there? Not even a chance?!?"

As of the release of this article, Mr. Williams had decided to blow off some steam by blogging about how everything Obama did as President was perfect and nothing would persuade him otherwise.

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