Recent polling suggests Russians are increasingly concerned that President Trump might not be the best ambassador for their brand.

"When we paid for Trump to become President of the United States, I thought he'd be better at improving the image problem we have in Russia," noted Alexi Stychen,  a Russian nesting doll painter. Catherine Sokolov, vodka taster, felt similarly and exclaimed, "Taking something crappy and convincing people it's luxurious is his thing! Why can't he turn the public opinion on Russia?" Nikita Petrov, an out of work Cossack dancer, says he's just "depressed" about the whole situation. "You know when you get really excited because one of your favorite bands has a new album coming out," he asked. "And then it turns out the new album is complete shit? That is what happened here. Unbelievable."

Many Russians are still holding out hope that Trump can turn things around. But everyone we spoke with was glad Russia only hired him for a 12 month contract and then can choose a new President of the United States if things don't work out.

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