Television viewers were stunned Tuesday as FBI Director James Comey was voted off the island and excluded from appearing in the season finale.

Many viewers thought Comey had gained immunity due to his ten year term to lead the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  However, show aficionados have noted that a sitting President who has won a recent physical challenge is allowed to remove any team member.  Removing players who are threatening, appears to be the preferred strategy for this season’s red team.

The President noted during the final house meeting that while Comey had done a really great job in telling him things he wanted to hear, he had done a terrible job in telling him things he didn’t want to hear. Also, during the episode to the Jersey Shore, Trump didn’t appreciate how Comey wouldn’t have his back during the fight with Teresa.

It remains unclear which candidate for FBI Director will end up getting a rose, but pundits suspect it will be someone who is “really, really, magnificent ,” and not likely a person who is “SAD!”

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