In what was perhaps the most animated display of excitement he had shown in months, local dad Eric Soth gave a rave review of the hot dog he purchased at the H&M Gas Station on the corner of 7th and Vernon.

Eric, who has not smiled for a photograph since the fourth grade, lit up when he described the soft whole wheat bun and got a little wet around the eyes as he recalled the hot dog’s flavor which was both a little sweet and a bit spicy. He also was impressed by the gas station itself which seemed like, “a real well run operation,” and the managers who, “sure know what they are doing over there.” Eric’s children, who get a firm handshake when they meet his approval, were surprised by the outburst and were quoted as saying, “Shit, Dad really liked that hot dog.  So is that where we go for dinner on his birthday? That would suck.”

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