The Party Planning Committee at Thrifty Office Supply has been busy for weeks planning the annual end of winter BBQ celebration. The 11 person office increased the budget for the event to $500 for the year which should allow them to really ramp up the dessert options and maybe add in an extra side if they can get a deal.

“I’ve really been excited to call around to local food vendors this year and try get us a deal [which has taken about 4 hours of my time each week for the last month]” said administrative assistant Deborah Himer, who is paid $16 an hour. “Plus the team has been really excited to vote on which options are their favorites [which took about an hour for each of them and costs about $23 per hour on average].” The committee, which includes Deborah, Ginny in accounting who is paid $20 an hour, and Bill from sales who really knows his BBQ and is paid $28 an hour, each met four times to hammer out the details which took a good hour once you got really discussing things.

All in all the party was a huge success and a good motivator for the staff, which is good since salaries are going to be cut by 5% across the board at the end of the quarter.

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