The foodie world was stunned today as the creator of McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin was named a semifinalist for the James Beard award, the nation’s most prestigious culinary prize.

Reaction to the announcement was mixed- here’s a few of the responses from area chefs:

One said: “Is this a joke?  How could the inventor of a such a processed, unflavorful, unhealthy, unnatural, un-food be in the running for a James Beard award.  It’s an insult to  chefs, food, and humanity in general.”

Another commented: “You know what, it’s hard to deny how great McDonald’s breakfast is.  I wouldn’t for a minute try to tell you their burger or chicken is any good, but their breakfast actually hits the spot once in a while.  Kudos to the James Beard folks for having an open mind about this stuff.”

A final chef replied: “That’s the least of my concerns- America is literally imploding day by day…food just doesn’t matter any more.”

This is a work of fiction…also known as satire.  Our disclaimer is here.