An area liberal lost his job today and reportedly was no longer worried about Donald Trump becoming the next Hitler and destroying America.  Here are a few excerpts from an extended interview with ARN:

“I used to wake up every morning worried about things like the health of a free and independent media, North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, climate change, banking regulations, the fiduciary rule, racial injustice, access to healthcare for all Americans, our aging infrastructure, effective foreign policy…you know, liberal stuff.  But now all I think about is me.”

“My brain can’t escape questions like where is my next job going to be?  How much will I get paid?  How much food can I afford?  Can I get welfare or social security?  Can I get a tax break?  How can I take care of my kids?  Am I going to survive this?  This must be what it feels like to be a Republican…all this fear an angst.”

“All it takes is your own situation to be more problematic and dramatic than Trump as American’s president, and you are freed of all your Trump fears- I highly recommend it!”

This is a work of fiction…also known as satire.  Our disclaimer is here.