In partnership with your Human Resources department, Almost Real News has developed a list of Top Tips For Staying Motivated At Work.

1. Know that your contributions to the office go beyond your attendance at countless meetings and completing a never ending stream of paperwork; your body heat actually warms the building slightly more than an empty cube which reduces the firm’s reliance on fossil fuels for heat!

B. Remember there are millions of unemployed people who would love a job like yours and how you are just one bad performance review away from being one of them.

III. Keep in mind all the great extra perks this job has to offer, like parking in any space that is left when you arrive and picking whatever brand coffee you want when it is your turn to buy for┬áthe coffee pool. And don’t forget all the empty boxes you can handle.

If all else fails, take a moment for the following 5-second exercise in positivity:

– take a slow, deep breath in

– stand up with your hands on your hips and your head held high

– Say out loud, “I am capable and strong enough to do this!”

– Then repeat these steps 189,216,435 times until you reach retirement age.

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