Somewhere in corporate America today, a large company released a new software system to employees that had no idea what it was.

Jeff in Accounting said, “What the hell is LIMO?  No-one has ever said anything about a new software system- what does this thing do?”

Mary in HR said, “Is that email about LIMO spam?  Should we forward to IT Security?”

Tim in Business Development said, “I just logged into this new LIMO system and literally have no idea what it does.  Do not tell me how many millions of dollars we paid for this thing.”

Jane in Customer Service said, “If I hear one more person talk about this new LIMO system, I’m going to lose it.  There is not a single person at this company that knows what the hell it is or where it came from.”

This is a work of fiction…also known as satire.  Our disclaimer is here.