President Trump spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday and noted his dislike of¬†anonymous sources who are critical of him. The President suggested that anyone with negative things to say about him should do so “to his face.”¬†In response, roughly 65 million Americans have begun making negative statements about the President.

“I think Donald Trump is a horrible, horrible human being,” said Mary Hamlin of Cincinnati, OH. “He seems totally crazy and unstable,” added Suzanne Jones from Chicago, IL.

Dan Smith and Megan Hester from Seattle felt Trump was, “an evil person,” but many people in Atlanta like Hannah Simon and Bill Abbot thought he was just, “an asshole.”

While the responses are still being tallied, there are some obvious trends in how Americans feel about Trump. People named Phyllis prefer descriptors like “unsuitable” or “unreasonable” while people named Chaz are drawn to more creative words like “shitgibbon.” Perhaps not surprisingly, anyone living in Washington D.C. with the last names of Bannon or Priebus described Trump as, “just the worst.”

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