Word slipped out of the White House today that Steven Bannon was continuing his ridicule of Reince Priebus, forcing him to use the women’s restroom after President Obama’s ban on discrimination against transgender people was reversed by President Trump earlier this week.

Telling Priebus, “once a sissy, always a sissy”, Bannon justified the new policy saying that Priebus was played by a woman on Saturday Night Live, so he was legally required to start using the women’s restroom.

President Trump reportedly thought Bannon was just joking at first, but was all the more amused when he found Bannon was serious, asking “Is it really illegal for Reincy to use the men’s room now or is Bannon just being Bannon?  Can someone tell me what was in the executive order I signed?”

Later in the day, Priebus was seen exiting the women’s restroom telling reporters Bannon had threatened him with another closet or desk scenario should he not comply.

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