It finally happened.  After years of confusion and thousands of phone calls to Ford dealerships around the country about exactly which month of the year is “Truck Month”, Ford finally confirmed today that every month is “Truck Month.”

Here’s an excerpt from Ford’s press release:

When Ford started selling pick-up trucks decades ago, “Truck Month” was only one month a year.  But with growing competition, we’ve had to increase the number of “Truck Months”, the months where we offer special pricing.  Last year, “Truck Month” was 11 of the 12 months and that seemed to cause a lot of confusion for our customers.  So today, we’re excited to announce that every month is now “Truck Month.”  Loyal Ford customers can buy a truck any month of the year and know they are getting the best deal possible.

Other pick-up truck brands were expected to quickly copy Ford’s move, ensuring year-round advertisements on TV for “Truck Month.”

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