A local company has found itself in hot water after a corporate weight loss challenge ended with on participant losing a little too much weight.

McNary Industries has held the weight loss challenge every January for the last 13 years as way to help employees shed some of the extra pounds they may have added over the holidays.  The rules are straight forward with the company offering $5,000 to the employee who loses the most weight(as a % of their bodyweight) during the month January.

Tammy Bower, participating for the fourth straight year, took the competition a little more seriously this go around, saying “The last three years I’ve worked out every day, eaten healthy, and still not even made it in the top 5.  So this year, I said forget it, I’m just going to stop eating altogether.”

Bower’s stunning pledge “not to eat until I win” was initially met with skepticism.  Coworker Thomas Albos said “We thought it was just tough talk at first. I mean, who would stop eating over some work place competition?  But then, Tammy got so weak she couldn’t stand up, that’s when we knew she was going to win.”

Unfortunately for Bower though, after local authorities learned of her actions, she was admitted to the hospital and the competition was cancelled before it could be completed.  Executives from McNary Industries said they would no longer sponsor the competition and instead were giving all employees a 10% discount on the purchase of a new fitbit.

Bower remained furious about the situation, promising to sue.

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