Monday mornings are hard enough, until one local man realized there were still more than a thousand days to go in President Trump’s first term.  1,443 to be exact.

John Botswold said, “I was trying to pump myself up standing in the shower this morning, convincing myself the work week wouldn’t be too bad and that Spring was right around the corner.  But then I remembered there were still more than a thousand days left of President Trump, and the depression set in immediately.”

Even high ranking Republican officials made comments off the record like “It’s best not to think too much about it” and “That sounds like an alternative fact to me” to try and find a way to accept that the chaos of the last two weeks would be continuing for quite some time.

Meanwhile, Mr. Botswold cheered himself up by using 2% milk in his coffee Monday morning, an upgrade from the skim milk he normally uses.

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