Following in the steps of many other reality TV programs, the executives of the Trump administration weighed the pros and cons of engineering a wardrobe malfunction in the event of a slow news day.

“It would certainly grab the attention of those assholes at CNN,” suggested Steve Bannon. “They’d really HAVE to talk about it for a friggin’ week.”

“I know that, I know that,” said Kellyanne Conway. “But WHEN the picture comes back looking like SHIT, we’re not gonna hear the end of it. Christ, it already gives me a headache.”

“While it would almost certainly, in my mind, have a dramatic effect on media coverage in the short term, the long term effects would most likely be infinitesimal and perhaps not worth the effort on our part,” said media consultant for the White House and radio shock jock Howard Stern, “I’d hate, hate, hate, to see him distressed about news coverage any more than he already is, the poor dear.”

After four hours of deliberation, the decision was ultimately tabled until a latter meeting given the absolute shit storm of media coverage that happens every time Trump opens his mouth.

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