Reince Priebus, White House Chief of Staff, is having a tough first few weeks on the job.  After trying to keep up with the blitzkrieg of executive orders rolled out last week and fielding dozens of phone calls from angry Congressional Republicans, Priebus found himself locked in a West Wing closet for 20 minutes today, apparently the butt of a practical joke carried out by Senior Advisor Steve Bannon.

Rumors have circulated around the White House that Bannon can’t stand Priebus and reportedly during a meeting to discuss the new immigration ban, Bannon got so mad at Priebus he gave him a timeout and locked him in a closet just outside the Oval Office.

President Trump apparently loved the stunt, though needed to direct Bannon, who seemed content to leave Priebus in the closet the rest of the day, to actually set him free.  Priebus, worried of future attacks, ordered locks removed from all closets in the West Wing.

Despite the fact it was a internal White House source(rumored to be Priebus himself) who leaked the story to the media, Press Secretary Sean Spicer denied the account ever took place.

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