President Trump announced this evening the selection of Neil Gorsuch as his nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States, fulfilling a campaign promise to appoint a white man to the post.

With the percentage of white American men dropping to an all-time low of 31%, and with only 50%(4 of 8) of the current Supreme Court Justices being white men, President Trump campaigned heavily on appointing a Supreme Court Justice “just like Antonin Scalia”, and white men everywhere knew exactly what he meant.

In a celebratory announcement this evening, before a packed crowd of hundreds of white men, President Trump delivered on his promised, breaking the glass ceiling once again to reestablish a white male majority on the Supreme Court.

After the announcement, President Trump retreated to the Oval Office with his staff of almost all white men while Republican Senators, also almost all white men, gave interviews in praise of President Trump’s selection of a white man for the Supreme Court.

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