Disney announced this afternoon that the President’s Senior Counselor Steve Bannon has been recruited to star as a yet-to-be-named villain in the final chapter of the Star Wars saga.

Executive Gina Schmidt explained, “The Star Wars universe has one of the most iconic villains of all time. We knew when writing the final film, that our last bad guy had to be really over the top. A lot of phenomenal talent came in for casting, but Steve’s audition brought the character to a whole new level.”

Reports from anonymous executives who saw Bannon, noted the actor’s ease in playing the role of an evil dictator. “He was really believable when ranting about the Jedi as a religious minority and how the empire needed to kick them all out,” a producer said. “And in the scene when he starts controlling the empire’s military and attacking everyone – whoa, that was like super scary.”

After viewing a copy of Bannon’s audition tape and sensing his star potential, President Trump immediately cast Bannon in the role of a National¬†Security Council member.

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