It was a messy day in New York harbor with an endless stream of vomit coming from the Statue of Liberty’s mouth.

In a seeming response to President Trump’s ban on any citizen from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, or Yemen from entering the United States (including those who are permanent residents and green card holders temporarily outside of the United States), the Statue of Liberty has been sick to her stomach.

A National Park Service spokesperson said, “For the last eight years, the Statue of Liberty has been doing great.  Feeling well, standing tall.  But that has changed suddenly in the last week, and today all of New York can see she’s really not feeling well.  As the symbol of America’s immigrant heritage, she gets quite ill when America forgets its past.”

President Trump denied accounts that the vomiting was due to his immigrant ban and said a doctor would soon attend to the Status of Liberty,  tweeting “Everyone but me gets sick once in a while, totally normal.”

Ironically, the world’s foremost statue doctor is an Iranian national who is now banned from entering the country, so it seems the Statue of Liberty may be sick for quite some time.

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