Eye witnesses share what they can only describe as a horrific display of sadism by local two year old Billy Swindon.

“The kid’s mom started this game, right. She’d hit her head on the side of the slide to try get a laugh,” said onlooker Jessie Aguilar. “But the kid got a wild look in his eyes and started this maniacal laughter,” she continued, “He wouldn’t let her stop. He kept screaming ‘again…again…’ and she had to keep smashing her face on that plastic for what seemed like hours. I mean, that was his own mother for Christ sake!”

“It was really terrible to watch,” according to Hanna Abbott, mother of two. “I love my kids, but I’d probably have to leave them at a Walmart if they were anything like that demon child.”

Chief of Police Alex Winters held a press conference this afternoon. “Ms. Swindon has been taken to a local women’s shelter,” Winters remarked. “We can only hope that with counseling she will some day be able to lead a happy and fulfilling life.”

Billy remains in police custody and has already been charged with animal cruelty after pulling the tail of several police dogs.

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