Wal-Mart reported today they have sold out of adult diapers nation wide, noting a surge in sales beginning Friday, January 20th when President Trump took office.

This reporter managed to speak with three individuals walking out of a local Wal-Mart with shopping carts full of adult diapers to ask what prompted the shopping spree.

Heather Nondo said “I already suffer from incontinence, and if Trump takes away my healthcare and I can’t afford my medicine anymore, I’m going to need more adult diapers than ever before.  I really don’t need Trump making me shit my pants more than I already do.”

Chris Bindy told me “Ever since Trump has taken office, something inside me hasn’t felt right.  At first I thought it was some Chinese food I had Friday night, but whatever this is just isn’t going away.  So, I’m preparing myself to be an adult diaper user for however long Trump is president.”

Charles Elsey shared “I know Trump is about to tax retailers extra on their imports so I’m buying as many adult diapers as possible before they raise their prices.  Buying a pallet of adult diapers is just part of being a savy American consumer who knows what’s coming.”

President Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer meanwhile took credit for the sales spike saying, “Just another way President Trump is helping the American economy .”

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