President Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer ripped into the White House press corps today for what he called “unverified claims” that former President Obama is taller than President Trump.

“The President has been in office for a matter of days, and this is one more example of how biased journalism seeks to undermine his presidency,” said Spicer. “This kind of aggressive, anti-Trump media will not be tolerated by this administration.”

Confused journalists suggested that the heights of various presidents could not be debated as data on the issue is widely available.┬áSpicer responded ┬áby saying, “Trump is the tallest President this great nation has ever had. End of story.”

Spicer also took time to elaborate on the false allegations that Trump had removed a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. from the oval office, explaining that the work had merely been moved behind a larger sculpture of an angry white man.

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