In his first Presidential accomplishment, and continuing his strong record of job creation in the auto industry, President Trump announced on Twitter today the opening of a new Lincoln-Mercury dealership in West Des Moines, Iowa.

The tweet read: “John Tanner Lincoln-Mercury no longer moving to Mexico…I made deal to keep jobs in USA!  #MAGA”

In an interview with CNN, John Tanner, the 4th generation owner of the local car dealership chain, said he made out with the deal of a lifetime.  “I wrote a letter to Trump telling him I was moving my car dealership to Mexico and he got me four million dollars in tax breaks!”  Asked why he was thinking of moving his car dealership to Mexico in the first place,  Mr. Tanner said, “Are you kidding me?  I wasn’t ever going to move my dealership to Mexico.  I just know how to make a good deal.”

Discussing plans of how he would invest the four million dollars of US taxpayer money, Mr. Tanner chuckled to himself, “Well I’m sure as hell not going to pay my workers any more money.  I’m buying another yacht and getting a private jet.  That money is all mine!”

Minnesota Senator Al Franken responded to announcement saying “Didn’t they stop making Mercury vehicles like 10 years ago?  Taxpayers are now paying the salaries of workers without anything to do- sounds like Trump communism to me.”

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