In the wake of hundreds of thousands of American women marching across the country today in protest of many of President Trump’s past discriminatory comments, Mr. Trump responded on Twitter claiming support for the movement.

The series of tweets read:

“Liberal media lying about women’s march.  I support a woman’s right to march.  Always have, always will.”

“A woman should have the right to decide what happens with her feet…I’ve never supported banning a woman’s right to march.”

“I especially support women marching down the runway in beauty contests…wearing bikinis.”

“I love women so much I’ve had 3 wives, not just 1.  I am so pro women.  And women love me, they really do.”

It’s my first full day as President and there are already hundreds of thousands of women marching for me.  They are so happy not to have Crooked Hillary as President.”

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