The election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States has inspired some voters to join protests in an effort to show their outrage at a candidate they found unsuitable for office.

“I cannot believe that the bigotry and misogynistic messages Trump used during his campaign was not enough to disqualify him in the eyes of most voters,” said Sarah Billington, a sophomore at Boston College. “This protest is my way of standing up to prejudice that is not appropriate is modern society and will keep me really busy for the next couple weeks.”

Indeed polls are suggesting that Trump’s favorability among voters is low and his opposition is using that opportunity to fuel the fires of the populous, which will likely remain mobilized for 10 and perhaps as many as 20 days. “Yeah, I’m angry,” said 31 year old computer programmer Julian Whethers. “And I’m gonna make sure this administrations knows I’m angry this weekend, and next weekend and maybe even a few days after that. Then kickball season starts up again and my free time just gets demolished.”

Democrats in congress are also gearing up for a fight, pledging to work against policies their constituents deplore until people get tired of hearing about it. While congress may be ready for a longer battle against Trump, early polling suggests that many Americans are already fucking exhausted of this whole damn thing.

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