Coming the day after a disappointing meeting with congressional leaders who asked “loads of super tough questions,”President-elect Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education Betsy DeVoss decided to roll out her plan for the nation’s education system.

“Our country’s schools are failing,” claimed DeVoss. “Kids can’t read, can’t write and can’t ‘rithmatic. But worst of all, they can’t win. Starting soon, I will make sure all of our kids get the education they deserve by putting Trump University in charge of the management of all public schools.” She continued by explaining that, “Their new program focused on K-12 education will teach America’s youth how to buy and sell real estate to make unbelievable profits, how to strike a deal with anyone about anything and most importantly how to win no matter what.”

This plan came as a surprise to many, being as Trump University was recently embroiled in a scandal accusing them of fraud. When asked what kind of standards the new curriculum would be held to, DeVoss merely stated, “Yes, I agree there should be standards.”

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