Trump’s transition team has been working tirelessly since November in preparation for the change in presidential administrations scheduled for January 20th. In addition to filling numerous leadership roles, the group of advisers has also drafted an internal memo with updates the President-Elect is requiring be made to the White House along with new rules for staff. While still preliminary, these are among the many changes expected to take effect by the end of the week.

  • Trump’s presidential throne must be made at least 6 inches taller than Obama’s presidential throne.
  • Acceptable ways for staff to address the POTUS include Mr. President, President Trump and T-Bone.
  • Foundations of the Executive ResidenceĀ to be reinforced to accommodate the President’s solid gold mattress.
  • Team leaders must complete three-day training course in management effectiveness, which Trump University is offering for a limited time at a reduced rate of only $4,995. Act now!
  • Any portraits of Trump must be at least 300% life size.
  • All staff to compete in both the swimsuit and evening gown segments.
  • Signage to be clearly marked in English and Russian.
  • Use of social media is prohibited on government computers. Just kidding, go nuts you kids.
  • Friday is Sloppy Joe day.
  • White House to be airlifted from swampy. D.C. wetlands and moved to swampy Florida wetlands.
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