NBC’s weeknight programing is about to get stinkier.  Following the success of Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med, Dick Wolf and NBC have announced their newest show- Chicago Sanitation.

The third spinoff of the widely successful Chicago Fire – Chicago Sanitation is set to document the life and death situations city sanitation workers face every day.  The pilot is rumored to involve the use of a garbage truck in a bank robbery- requiring the response of Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. as well as a trip to Chicago Med.

Response from TV critics has been mixed with some questioning whether Americans want to watch a show about the things they throw away and try to forget.  One critic said, “Dick Wolf can literally put the word Chicago in front of any city department he wants and NBC will buy it as a show.  Incredible.”

An actual Chicago sanitation worker ask asked about the show replied, “Really?  I mean, sometimes it smells so bad I think I’m going to die, and one time we found a dead body, and I guess we have been shot at a few times, but really?”

The show’s premiere is set for Wednesday at 8pm.

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