The day after the world learned that Russia may be in possession of a salacious sex tape involving President-Elect Trump, a full out bidding war has started for rights to the footage.

Penthouse was the first to make a bid, offering $1 million for exclusive rights for the video, but their bid was quickly surpassed by the Chinese Government, bidding a staggering $25 million dollars.  Diplomats working at the UN were said to have been in a frenzy lobbying their home governments for money to bid on the tape- knowing it was the chance of a lifetime at leverage over the United States.

President-Elect Trump’s enemies in Hollywood and Silicon Valley quickly started a GoFundMe page that almost instantly reached $50 million dollars.  Once members of Media joined in, with CNN supposedly offering a dollar for dollar match on donations, the total neared $75 million dollars.

But the leading bidder right now is Mark Cuban who is offering an astounding $100 million dollars for the tape.  Cuban was quoted as saying, “The only point of having a lot of money is getting to do what you want with it…and I really want this.”

Americans eagerly awaited news if President-Elect Trump, known for always wanting to win, would enter the bidding war himself.

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