Jared Kushner, son-in-law to the President Elect and a newly appointed Senior Adviser for the incoming Trump administration, is a relatively unknown figure in American politics. He recently sat down with Almost Real News to give the American people some insight into his personal life. The following is an except from our time with Mr. Kushner which has been edited for clarity.

“I’ve always been drawn to cats,” said Mr. Kushner. “It’s something about the way they walk around so quietly and quickly. Why sometimes you don’t even know they’re there,” he noted, his eyes wide with faint surprise.

Cats seemed on Mr. Kushner’s mind even when the discussion turned to repealing the Affordable Care Act, a signature goal of the Trump campaign. “Healthcare is important. Why just the other day, Pork Pie here got a sliver in her paw and I had to rush her to the veterinarian. She was so scared I had to sleep right next to her all night long. Right over here,” said Kushner pointing to a silver platter garnished with lettuce and a lemon wedge. “On cold nights I might even warm up the oven, just to 100 degrees or so, and slide her in platter and all.” Rubbing his hands together he smiled, “Why it’s just such a funny sight, I can hardly wait to pop her in the oven again.” He then added, “Te he he!”

When asked about his influence in the Trump campaign, Mr. Kushner suggested, “One thing people don’t realize about cats is that while they hate being washed with water, you can get around that problem by simply washing them with gravy which they don’t really mind. And then you get this delicious smell around the house all day.”

Kushner was hesitant to discuss his views on potential conflicts of interest while serving in a Trump White House. “Well I really shouldn’t say anything about that because it will make me nervous,” he said with a shiver. “When I get really nervous I just have to pick up one of my cats, like Muffin over here, and hold him in my mouth like this.” With that, Mr. Kushner unhinged his jaw and fit the entire head of the cat in his mouth. “Mumf, phumf, mummmmf,” he added.

After roughly 30 minutes, Mr. Kushner removed Muffin and excused himself to attend a meeting with the President-elect and German President Angela Merkel.

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