As President-Elect Trump continued announcing administration positions, today we learned that Chris Christie will be named America’s next Poet Laureate.

The New Jersey Governor was rumored to have been seeking a cabinet position after first being a Vice Presidential contender and then leading President-Elect Trump’s Transition Team, but his talents were apparently more valuable inspiring Americans with his words.

Christie, known for uplifting language such as “Sit down and shut up”, “Man up and say I’m fat”, and “What the hell are we paying you for” is somewhat of a surprise pick for often coveted role of Poet Laureate. ┬áIn fact, when this reporter asked Christie about the rumors he was to be appointed the nation’s top Poet, he replied, “Shut the fuck up or I’ll break your legs.”

As for President-Elect Trump, in responding to criticism of the pick on Twitter, he tweeted, “I needed to give him something, right?” and “This is the only job he could do from a jail cell #bridgegate”

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