After an embarrassing few days for President-Elect Trump with failed attacks on the Intelligence Community, Trump has announced a policy change from “America First” to “Trump First”

In an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, Trump said, “People just weren’t understanding why I was against all the criticism of Russia’s influence in our election…they kept asking me that if I was all about ‘America First’, wouldn’t I be against a foreign adversary covertly trying to undermine our process of free and fair elections?  So, I felt now was the time to announce that my policy all along has been ‘Trump First’, not ‘America First’.  I’m hoping that helps ordinary Americans better understand my actions.”

Trump went on to explain, “You see, I want to look like a strong leader.  So I’m going to attack hard anyone who attacks me, no matter the situation or consequences.  So when the Intelligence Community was saying Russia interfered with our election, that meant I looked weak.  And since my reputation is far important to me than America’s, I had to fight back.”

The President-Elect also clarified that his “Trump First” policy wouldn’t just be limited to issues of foreign policy or national security, but that he would also make sure to use to his influence to help push through economic deals that directly supported himself or his friends, regardless of their impact on the American people.


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