In a decision that’s sure to delight many Americans and throw Congressional Republicans into a frenzy, President Obama announced his final executive order would be to enhance Obamacare to make marijuana legal for all Americans over 18 years old.

Obama announced the decision saying, “I can’t leave this office, in good conscience, knowing what’s about to come, without doing everything I can to help Americans.  In many ways that’s been about making sure our economy was strong, our Military prepared for any attack, and our Government running effectively.  But in this case, it’s also about giving Americans another tool to cope with what’s undoubtedly going to be the most stressful four years of their lives.”

Obama went on to say, “As a black man, I’ve had to smoke weed my whole life to deal with the society we live in.  But I know there are a lot of non-college educated white men out there who just voted for Trump and are about to have their world turned upside down.  They’ll lose their healthcare, pay more at the grocery store, and be living in a much more volatile and dangerous world- those guys are going to need some weed.”

President Obama’s generosity towards Americans was lost on President-Elect Trump though, who simply tweeted “Obama is drug addict loser.  Sad!”

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