In a surprise move Thursday, local high school student and fast food worker William Johnson asked President-Elect Trump to move his car ahead of the drive through line and into a separate parking space. Johnson was quoted as saying, ‘Hello sir, please pull your car ahead to that space with the number one and we’ll bring your order out to you when it is ready.’

Trump immediately took to Twitter calling the delay in his order ‘very strange’ and suggesting the employee was a ‘clown.’ Later, in Trump Tower, the President-Elect remarked, ‘Fast food is supposed to be fast, alright? We all know this. The car ahead of me got their food right away, and the car ahead of him, and so on. Now when I get to the window they suddenly can’t get my order? I don’t know which of my enemies was behind this, but be sure, they will lose so badly!”

At press time, Trump had received his chicken nuggets and tweeted a thumbs up.

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